Happy New Comic Book Day, Geeks!

Today, our spotlight is catching Comic Book Superstar Steve Collins, who will be inking “Little Sister.” Who better to tell you about his work than himself? He’s the mike, Steve!

"Hello, I’m Steve Collins, and I am a retired Professional inker.  I still enjoy inking comics on a volunteer basis. I have always had a great affection for comic books and began collecting and inking at an early age.  I am very proud to say that Dick Sprang was my mentor and dear friend.  He showed me all the tricks of the trade in how to ink with brush and pen techniques.  He was the biggest creative influence in my life. Throughout my inking career I have inked for various companies in the industry.  Some to mention are:  Warner Bros., DC Comics (Looney Tunes, Tiny Toons, other comic strips); Image/Big Bang; Disney/Gladstone; Personality and several other small Independent companies.  My most favorite adventure has been going to the ComicCon in San Diego, California for the past 20 years.”

Thanks, Steve, and I actually have those Tiny Toons comics! :)

Anyone been to SDCC? *hands up* Me! Me! And it is freakin’ amazing! ICG Publishing will be making our first convention appearance at C2E2, so get ready to get geeky! We’ll have Journeymen in tow, ready to show you Steve’s work on “Little Sister.”

I can’t wait!

- Dev 


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