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This is IC Geeks Publishing first creator-owned book. Are you brave enough to tempt fate?

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Indies on Parade…and in Advance!

Journeymen was our ICG’s successful Kickstarter, and we’re looking to do it again with the Indies in Advance Comic Sampler. Have you checked it out yet? Inside will be your favorite indie titles - some sneak peeks, a few snippets, some even whole comic issues. And we’re looking to send it to retailers and readers, like you, to showcase the talent ICG prints.

Check out our Kickstarter page for more info! We have great incentives for every comic reader, creator, and publisher!

And don’t forget! ICG is always looking for new and established talent. Do you have a book you’d wish to see on retailers’ shelves? Check out our submissions page for more info.

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P.S. Later this week I’ll have some more preview pages from Journeymen! Keep clicking, Geeks!

The Road of Booth 719…

Hey, Geeks!

If you’re going to be at C2E2, don’t forget to stop by and say hi to Noel Burns, Red Power Ranger/CEO; Rachel Deering, writer and letterer for Anathema; andKari Smith, the Creator and Do-It-All for the webcomic Plume (Saturday only). They’re going to be camped out at Booth 719 (across from Marvel) to talk about their comics and the best in indies.

Don’t have Scam or Red Ten or Foster or The Hero Code or Emerald City Blues yet? (You should! Why don’t you?) Then grab them at Booth 719.

And don’t forget to follow @ICGPublishing on Twitter (Noel’s handle) to get updates throughout the weekend (and maybe during set-up)!

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Go to C2E2, and help comic book creators’ dreams come true.

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719! 719! 719! C2E2! 719!

Happy Weekend, Geeks!

Hope you are having a great Sunday and to those who celebrate, Happy Easter! Today, I have an extra special post for you today. Journeymen writers Don Pankievicz has a new anthology on Kickstarter called Mixed Tape, where he brings time-favored songs to life. Don gave me a little insight into his new project and how he found and signed his artists. Take a peek!

Your anthology—Mixed Tape—is inspired by music and using it as a muse/guide in your stories. What songs will you be using in Volume #1: Love on the Run, and what drew you to these songs?

We will be doing three songs.  “Banditos” by The Refreshments, “Conquest” by The White Stripes and “Seven Spanish Angels” by Ray Charles

“Seven Spanish Angels” is a song I have loved since I was a kid.  I always wanted to shoot my own music video or short movie based on it.  When I started writing comics, it was only natural to script the song into a comic format.

“Banditos” fit the theme well and a song you hear every once in a while and sing along to. I always have a radio playing when I write.  It helps for some reason, and I heard this song when I was trying to find a theme.

“Conquest” was so out of the blue.  We wanted to use Steve Miller’s “Take the Money and Run,” but after weeks of dealing with his office, we decided to go in another direction.

The process for getting permission to use song lyrics is a pain in the butt.  I had to script the songs, get artists attached and create a package to send to a contact that I made.  Fortunately, he loved the project and got us permission for “Banditos” and “Seven Spanish Angels.”

When Steve Miller denied us, my contact [in Ray Charles’s office] was super cool. I gave him a list, and we received permission for “Conquest” without needing a script.

Your artists/contributors come from all around the world. How did you find these awesome creators, and what can you tell us about them?

Two words: Digital Webbing! 

Seriously, I put up an ad, and people responded.  People love the concept.  I’ve got two writers and a few artists who want to be involved in Volume #2 already!

I also put out ads on Freelanced and other places.

Another way to get folks involved was to just ask.  I love art.  I hang out on artist forums and make contacts. I visit Deviant Art.  If someone catches my eye, I email him/her.  I’ve gotten some really cool folks involved that way.

Unfortunately, the process started a bit slow, and I did lose my initial two pencillers. Luckily, I made some really cool contacts while working on Journeymen.  My buddy Rudi (Roeddy Rillf, “Little Sister” penciller) did me a huge favor by jumping in on “Conquest.”

Another friend of mine, Dan Ungureanu, from Romania is doing “Seven Spanish Angels.”   Dan did a really cool rendition on our Primate Of The Month theme over at my website.  (Please feel free to visit, but I will warn you there is a ton of sophomoric humor and crude language.

Adam Wollet (another contact from “Little Sister!”) is lettering “SSA.”  Kenny Jeffery, writer of Rockstar Scientists is lettering Conquest, and MaGnUs is lettering “Banditos.” (Kenny is from England, and Magnus is from South America. More info soon!)

One of the first artists to contact me was Claudio Munoz (here’s a link a very talented artist from Chile who will be handling pencils, inks and colors on “Banditos.”  Super great guy!

As far as the other colorists, we have some complete newcomers, Naomiciso on “Conquest” and Michele Wilson on “SSA.”  Both are very talented.  I saw Michele on Deviant Art and emailed her, begging her to jump on board, and Naomiciso answered an ad.


Thanks, Don!

We’re going to have more from Don this week—art and insight on Mixed Tape.

Want to help Don and Mixed Tape? Check out the Kickstarter page and see the great incentives he has for backers.

And don’t forgot to check out Don in Journeymen, out this month!

- Dev

P.S. 719!

C2E2! 719! 719! 719!

Happy Weekend, Geeks!

Hope you are having a great Saturday! You going to C2E2? Don’t forgot to check out Booth 719. (That’s right! Right across from the Marvel Booth!)

We have great people and great books for you to grab!

Rachel Deering – The Writer and Letterer for Anathema will be there all weekend.

Kari Smith – The Creator and do it all for the webcomic Plume will be there on Saturday.

And meet Black Lion/CEO of IC Geeks Publishing, Noel Burns!

Here is a list of some of the creator’s books and prints you will be able to find from us:

Rachel Deering – Anathema

Kari Smith – Plume

ComixTribe – SCAM, The Red Ten, The Standard and Runners

Brian Buccellato – Foster

Jason Bienvenu – The Kingdom

Jamie Gamball – The Hero Code

Karl Altstaeter – Emerald City Blues

And there will be many more as we check with creators.

Make sure to come on by!  719 across from the Marvel Booth.

- Dev

LIVE STREAMING …is so much fun!

Happy Day After Comic Book Day, Geeks!
Journeymen writer Don Pankievicz has his own anthology, Mix Tape, coming to you soon. I’ll have some awesome preview art and an interview with Don later this week, but today the colorist for the story “Seven Spanish Angels,” Michele Wilson, will be live-streaming her progress at 7 P.M. EST.
Check her out tonight!
If you like what you see (and you’ll LOVE what you see), support Don and his amazing collaborators here!
- Dev